Physical CAD suggests the future of CAD

A true solid modelling system would model more than the surface, it would model the material inside.

But the material inside is only important when things deform, in response to a force. So a true solid modelling system uses force to shape things, not geometric modelling tools.

This is handy, because real tools also use force. Suddenly we have a more intuitive and acessible way to use higher-fidelity CAD. In this new world of modelled materials, real material knowledge becomes important for using CAD. Physical CAD enables expert makers to contribute their knowledge by using machinery as CAD modelling tools.

Physical CAD enables sympathetic decisions about shape and materials.


And something special emerges...

In Physical CAD, as you design the shape, you are also producing a
making process. A process that can be replayed as a production method (patent pending).

Physical CAD  :  the future of CAD





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